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What does it mean to be forward-thinking?


At Westridge, we believe this is our call to action—a call to keep our eyes ahead and evolve so that our program remains relevant for the changing needs of our students and alumnae. In 1913, our founder dared to empower girls through education, and in Westridge's 108th year, the 2021-2022 school year, you—our Westridge community—came together to embrace this mission and help us make important strides toward our future. And as we move our institution forward, we do so with the knowledge that at the heart of this work is our goal to prepare each generation of Westridge students for their future.


Thanks to your support of Westridge, last year we returned to campus and made critical progress on the goals of our 2020-2025 strategic plan. From the launch of our new Advanced Courses, the growth of STEM programs like rocketry and computer science, and the expansion of our student support team, to preparing for the transition to our 12th head of school, Andrea Kassar, 2021-2022 was truly a year of forward movement.


Your generosity made it all possible. We are grateful for your support as we write Westridge’s next chapter together.

Your commitment made a real impact.

We are grateful to have exceeded our Westridge Fund goal, bringing the total amount raised in 2021-2022 to over $1.5 million. 

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The science center, previously known as the Upper School Science & Mathematics Building, is named after Mr. Day’s mother who attended Westridge from 5th to 8th grade (1926-1930). She was one of the founders of the W. M. Keck Foundation, one of the nation’s largest philanthropic organizations.


We are grateful for Mr. Day’s leadership in education and sciences.


A Historic Gift

In May, Westridge celebrated the naming of the Willametta Keck Day Science Center in honor of a $5 million gift from Robert Day, chairman of the W. M. Keck Foundation. This generous gift from various Day Family Foundations is the largest single gift in Westridge history and is designated for the school’s endowment, which helps fund financial aid, academic and programming expenses, student support, and other strategic priorities of the school.

A Lasting Legacy

The 2021-2022 school year marked Elizabeth J. McGregor’s 13th and final year as Westridge’s head of school. In celebration of her career and in honor of her unwavering devotion to Westridge, the school established the Elizabeth J. McGregor Endowment Fund, which supports the school’s diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice efforts. Commitments to the fund reached $1 million—an incredible testament to the legacy McGregor leaves behind.

Thank you to all those who supported the Elizabeth J. McGregor Endowment Fund. Gifts are still welcome at


Jo Whitehouse Heffernan '63 ☙ &

   E. Michael Heffernan

Michele & Rupert Hemmings

Lynwen Hughes-Boatman & Craig Boatman

Suzanne Icaza ☙


Jennifer Irish & Jeffery Hurlow

Sarah Jallo

Januta-Skiles Family

Kendra & Peter Johnson

Kim Kerscher & Adam Santelli

Sung & Kei Suk Kim

Dora & Wei Kwan

Sharon Kwan & Andy Chen

Carol & Albert Kwong

Eliz Lee & Eric Kau

Xuemei Li & Yue Cui

Judy Liao & Paul Chu

JeeSub Lim & David Cruikshank

Judy Liu & Gilbert Cheung

Patty Liu & Nianyong Wang

Anne Dorsey Long '76 & William Long

Fang Lou & Hongqi Yuan

Christine McCarthy & Michael McCormick

Mary McCloud & Scott Moore

Elizabeth & Ian McGregor

Kazue & Rob Roy McGregor

David & Margaret Mgrublian

Whitney & Donald Morgan

John Mulchaey

Wendy Munger '68 & Leonard L. Gumport

Ellen Narver '72

Frances Nicely-Lyman & Kevin Lyman

Diana Bernal O'Leary & Kevin O'Leary

Elizabeth Orndorff

Shinnshill Park

Linda & Matt Peacore

Anonymous (5)

Kimberly Barros & Erik Henry

Holly & Drew Bauer

Camilo & Stephanie Becerra

Kristina Bell & Andrei Marinescu

Kristin Bertell & Scott Patridge

Holly & Charles Bowyer

Tempe & John Brooks

Lisa & Mike Burke

Betye Burton

Sigrid Burton '69 & Max Brennan ☙

Susan Straubel Champion '55 ☙ &

   Chuck Champion

Laureen Chang & Peter Brockett

Shaoling Chen & Ken Zheng

Jessica & Justin Connolly

Rebecca Cutter & Benjamin Bell

Nancy Davis '70

Robin O'Conor DeWitt '58 ☙ & John DeWitt

June & Issac Diarra

Allison Reed Dietrick '93 & Todd Dietrick

Tracy Do & Mark Mullin

Georgianna Bray Erskine '50

Audrey & Ken Fong

Barbara Hunter Foster '50

Susan Frank '71 ☙ & Jeff D'Angelo

Judith K. Gain ☙

Brooke Larsen Garlock '70 & Edward Garlock

Debra Geiger '72 & Eliot Crowley

Akila & Albert Gibbs

Sheila Golden


Jinko Gotoh '75

Beth Fishbein Hansen '83 & Robert Hansen

Michelle Hao & Simon Syer

Reina Haque & Ralph Vogel

Tiffany & Marc Harris

Ann Hazeltine '66

Robin & Alan Phillips

Lisa & Daniel Prince

Diane Prins Sheldahl & Kevin Sheldahl

Meaghan & Samuel Register

Suzanne Roberts & Wayne Kaufman

Smooch Repovich Rosenberg '75 &

   Gary Rosenberg

Margaret Russell '67

Marianne Van Vorst Ryan '79 ☙ & Daniel Ryan

Lynne Tsuboi Saito '63 & Thomas Saito ☙

Rayann & Kahn Scolnick

South Gulf LLC

The Walt Disney Company Fo

Martha Doerr Toppin '53

Ellen & Caleb Tsang

Anahit Sinoryan Turgman

Lisa Vandergriff

Kai & Kendall Venable

Carolyn Hall Volk '60 & Robert Volk

Elizabeth & Alex Voxman

Shaw Wagener & Deborah Heitz

Emily Ko Wang '93 & Michael Wang

Yunyan Wang & Fang Lin

Julie Hole Ward '72

Teri Wilde '69 ☙

Carolyn Wilson & Patrick Connor

Melisa Wilson

Jennifer Wong Luc & Paul Luc

Bonnie Woo & Adam Hsu

Julie Chen Woo '93 & Charlie Woo

Wendy Wu & Shunpei Iwata

Li Xiao & Jian Chen

Alice & Bing Yang

Jessica Yang '10

Xiao Yu Yang & Peter Chen

Joyce & Joseph Ybarra

Halle & Joseph Yuhan


A Forever Impact


Founded by members of the Class of 1969, the Forever Fund is an alumnae initiative to raise endowment funds for financial aid and to ensure that future generations of qualified students have the means to attend Westridge. A gift to The Forever Fund makes a lasting impact; only the earned interest from an endowment is spent, and the original gift is preserved in perpetuity generating funds to assist with the full cost of a Westridge girl’s education.

As of June 30, 2022, the Forever Fund had raised more than $761,000, with a goal of reaching $1 million by 2024. Thank you to all those who supported the Forever Fund. While the effort was started by alumnae, anyone can give at

FF copy.png

Thank you to all those who supported the Forever Fund Endowment:

Barbara Abbott

Maya Alvarez-Galvan '88 ☙ &

   Javier Galvan

Anonymous (2)

Aline & Danny Bakewell

Laura-Mae Baldwin '72 & Carl Chew

Cecily Wilde Bishop '59 & John Bishop

Jeannine Bogaard '81

Amber Bradley '91

Wayne Bradshaw

Elizabeth Currier '59

Rebecca Cutter & Benjamin Bell

Nadine Smith Danz '61 & Anthony Danz

Nancy Davis '70

Jane De Briyn

Shelley Ingram deButts '76 &

   W. H. deButts III

Victoria Odriozola Dillingham '61

Kathleen Dwyer (d)

Margaret Foley Ellis '66

Frances Fleming '72 &

   William A. Thompson

Julie Frantz '67 

Judith K. Gain ☙

Tracy & Robert Gaestel

Susan Arnett Garrett '72 &

   Douglas Garrett

Debra Geiger '72 & Eliot Crowley

Diane Gilmore

Alexandra Dewar Grigorieva '66

Ann Hazeltine '66

Jo Whitehouse Heffernan '63 ☙ &

   E. Michael Heffernan

Karen Huante '79

Nancy Kawakita '76

Lisa Cobey Kelland '70

Hannah Kully

Dora & Wei Kwan

Valerie Kwong '95

Ashwini Lakshmanan '97

Valerie Plati Laudenbach '95 &

   Jay Laudenbach

Debbie Lawrence '71 ☙

Linda LeMoncheck '71 ☙ & Jed Shafer

Judith Kemper Lewis '69

Karen Linstone

Nicole Lomas '92 & Nils Van Otterloo

Alice Martineau '63

Ronald Masen-Wing

Lisa Matthews '72 ☙ & Michael G. Molyneux

Ann Tudor McCook '63 ☙

Kazue & Rob Roy McGregor

Lauri Hendrickson Mendenhall '71

Lauren Bishop McMillen '82

Andrea Mills '72

Terry Miyashiro

Nancy Morton '66

Jane Moorman '70

Eszter Lengyel Neuman '00 & Ariel Neuman

Tania Tusler Owen '68 ☙

Allison Paddock '72

Jane Case Petering '69

Paula Raub

Barbara Davis Reynolds '72 & Brad Reynolds

Anne Robertson '63

Catherine Icaza Roheim '04

Smooch Repovich Rosenberg '75 &

   Gary Rosenberg

Margaret Russell '67

Lynne Tsuboi Saito '63 & Thomas Saito ☙

Margaret Jenson Scrofani '58 ☙ &

   Manny Scrofani

Crystal Wu Simpson '96 & Bryan Simpson

Marcy Sparks

Brynne Montgomery Staley '76 &

   David Staley

Anita Thomas '63

Laurie Stanford Turner '82 ☙ & David Turner

Mr. & Mrs. James R. Walther

Emily Ko Wang '93 & Michael Wang

Nina Warner '73

Lynn Manildi Watanabe '66 &

   Jeffrey Watanabe

Chace Wetzel '01

Teri Wilde '69

Jessica Yang '10


At Westridge, we know that our girls are the FUTURE.

Thank you for your commitment to our shared vision, and for your unwavering support of girls’ empowerment and education.

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